Added New Diorama Section

Vintage Auto Service Memorabilia Collection

Added New Diorama Section

1953 Buick Dealer at Night

I built a late 60s body shop – gas station diorama in 2018 and an early 50s small town Buick dealership diorama in 2022. Photos of each are now in a new Diorama section of our Old Garage Photo Gallery.

They are both built to 1/25 scale with lots of mashup and scratch built custom components. The body shop is late 1960s era, the time when I started in the collision repair business. The Buick dealer is 1953 era, the 50 year golden anniversary of Buick. I worked in the body shop of a Buick dealer for 37 years.

Most car enthusiasts who see the dioramas in person enjoy the garage details, many commenting on the 1/25 scale fan belt racks.