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Auto service signs, cans, tools, gas pumps and related memorabilia
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Willson Dustite Mask 1929 Spraco Auto Paint Gun 1929 Blumenthal Body Tool 1929 3M Wet Or Dry Sandpaper 1929 Murphy Lacquer 1929 Fiberloid Fiberlac Auto Paint Sherwin Williams Opex 1929 Hobart Brothers Spray Compressor 1929

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Porcelain Signs

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Petroliana Oil Cans

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Classic Gas Pumps

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Collecting Garage Memorabilia

I’ve been collecting these items for over 20 years. Love the cans with pictures of painting an old car with a brush. I’m retired after a 40+ year career as a tech in an auto dealer body shop.  We’d love to hear from other collectors.

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